Core Java - Hello Word Program / Application

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Here is the first program / application in Java, which is known as Hello World! program / application of Java.


  • Open Notepad or Textpad or any similar Text Editor
  • Create New file in that and write following code in that:

  • public class HelloWorld

    public static void main(String[] args)
    System.out.println("Hello world!");


  • Now save this file as (e.g you have saved at c:\test\ (In Java you should give file name as .java, in this case HelloWorld is the class name so we save it as
  • Now go to Command prompt
  • Change the directory of the command prompt to where you have saved
  • e.g.
    cd c:\test
  • Here type the command javac <java file name>
  • javac
  • This command will compile the Java file
  • Now to run this program give command java <class name which has main method>
  • java HelloWorld
  • This program will run and give output as follows:
  • Hello world!
  1. In the above program public class HelloWorld defines the class name in Java. Declaring public as access modifier means it is accessible outside.
  2. The line public static void main(String[] args) is the method which will be called first by the JVM when your try to run any application or program is java.
  3. We must declare this method as public since it will be called by JVM
  4. We must declare this method static since JVM will call this method by class name
  5. The main method always have arguments String[] this stores command line arguments if any

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